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Moving In

I have never felt more drained or excited in my life. We were out of the house by 6:45 in a frenzy of stuff-grabbing and double-checking. We ended up being one of the first people to get there, which meant the entire football team was on hand to unload the car in a frenzy of shouting and 6 foot tall guys lugging my boxes around. But the chaos only lasted a minute, and then I was left by myself (everyone else went to move the car) and stare at my room. More specifically, the bunk beds pushed near the window instead of the futon-like beds I was expecting. I only came out of my shock when the RA stuck her head in and told me that Chloe (my roommate) and I had the only room in the entire building like that. She hadn’t even known until earlier that morning. And so the next few hours dissolved into confusion. The top bunk had no railings and was almost a foot away from the wall: neither of us wanted to sleep up there. But the room isn’t big enough for two twin beds, two desks, two closets, and two surprisingly huge dressers. It turned out to be an impossible jigsaw puzzle that was only solvable if we removed a piece. Luckily, and kindly, Chloe decided that she didn’t need a dresser. We ended up with an arrangement both of us are really happy with!
Our room from the door. The dresser in the middle is the one that doesn't fit anywhere, but it won't be taken away for a while. So it's our island :)

Our room from the door. The dresser in the middle is the one that doesn’t fit anywhere, but it won’t be taken away for a while. So it’s our island 🙂

The door

The door

My bed

My bed

Tack board

Tack board

And my desk!

And my desk!

After that turmoil, I’m not really sure what we did. My parents went home while Chloe’s stayed and help her settle in. After some stuff that fell into the black hole in my brain, we headed out to the first of many many ceremonies.
The Opening Ceremony was full of speeches from the mayor, police chief, university president, and many others. Afterwards they herded us all out onto the brand new football field for an hour of talking to random people for fifteen seconds, otherwise known as “ice-breakers”. But they were all fun until the last game. I don’t know if any of you have heard of Dance Commander, but it is probably the most awkward thing it do. You form up into groups of six, assign each person a number, and when that number is called, you have to lead the group in dancing for at least a minute. It was exhausting, hot, and beyond awkward. Everyone in my group (including me!) were bad dancers. So bad it’s not even funny bad. The random collection of music was entertaining though. Daft Punk, the Chicken Dance, Gangnam Style, Fall Out Boy, Rick Astley…
Afterwards, we went back into the gym (where the Opening Ceremony had been held) for the Dedication Ceremony, which was really emotional. The worship team (A guitar, singer, double bass, and drums- very different) led a few songs before the university pastor got up and spoke. This led into a time of prayer for the parents over their students. I’ll admit, I cried when my roommate’s parents prayed for me too. A few more songs concluded the ceremony.
There was a late night trip to Fred Meyer, but I sat that one out: I didn’t need anything, and I was already curled up on my bed when the shuttles left.
Today was a lot more relaxed. After breakfast, we had a student life seminar (information about community life) before the rest of the parents were sent away. Our First Year Seminars met this afternoon for the first time, going over the basics of the class and doing yet more icebreakers. But that was it for the afternoon! Tomorrow is another long day, so the evening off is welcome (plus you guys get a blog post).
There’s been a lot of talking going on, but one thing stood out to me. At our student life session this morning, one of the speakers said to “Go beyond Z” in reference to the Dr. Seuss book “Go Beyond Zebra”. Make your own way based on your experiences. Adapt to the world. Always been openminded.
Until next time!
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Last Days at Home

This is it. My last night at home, my last day before I move into the dorm. I know millions of people have done it before, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting or scary. Or surreal. I’ll admit, I’ve spent most of the day acting like I’m not going away tomorrow.

The last few days have been a lot of fun. On Sunday I got to see Guardians of the Galaxy with my family, and then on Monday I went up to a lake with my best friend and her family.


It was so gorgeous up there. A perfect break from all the craziness of trying to get everything sorted out at home. Unfortunately, their boat had a leak so we couldn’t paddle around in the lake 🙁 But we got to talk for hours about all sorts of nerdy writer stuff, which was a lot more fun in my opinion.

Yesterday was a bit torturous with a dentist AND doctor’s appointment… But they’re both out of the way for a long time and dad took me out for dinner to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant.

And of course today was a bit frantic. One of my closest friends came over and helped me finish packing, which was a huge help. (Thank you! <3) The car is mostly loaded up and ready to go!

DSCN8901 The hardest part of today was going out to visit and ride our horse for probably the last time.

Avoiding looking at the camera as always.

Avoiding looking at the camera as always. 

He’s been such a blessing this last year and it’s going to be hard to see him go.

Tomorrow morning is the start of a new chapter of life; one I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. The face of change is always a little scary. But at 6:30 am I’ll be on my way to college. Hooray!

Until next time!

College Bound!

This is no longer a travel blog.

Maggiegoeselsewhere: elsewhere is college now. I created this with the intention of using it beyond our trip if I enjoyed blogging, and I really did enjoy it. So now it’s more of a life chronicles. I can’t tell you to expect regular updates: certainly not the daily posts you got before. Besides, who wants to read about me studying every day?

But as the title says, my life is consumed with getting ready for college. I leave bright and early Thursday morning (August 21st) for George Fox. This time last year, I didn’t even where I was going and what I was going to study. It’s been a wild year. I could fill a book with everything that’s changed… I’m thrilled to be putting high school behind me. I’m thrilled to be moving out and taking the first steps towards living completely independently.

That’s the general picture. On the more immediate note, I feel incredibly broke and a more than a little stressed about getting everything. I’ve got two (both of which went to Europe with us, actually) suitcases filled with most of my clothes and a duffle bag of shoes. There’s also two cardboard boxes: one stuffed with books, textbooks (two of which haven’t arrived yet- ack!), and notebooks and the other full of decorations. I’ll show those off when I’m all moved it. With the pile of general living stuff from my Bed Bath & Beyond raid, I have a lot more than I thought I did. And I’m not done packing yet!


I thought I’d show you guys how I’m getting all my jewelry to school since I never could find any information on how girls do it.

For my necklaces, I re-used a little chocolate box from Harrods. I don’t wear a lot of necklaces, so they all fit in there very nicely!



Bobby pins went into a playing card box.


And hair-ties stayed in the glittery green box they’ve been in for years.


For my earrings, I debated finding a cute little box to put them in, but decided to just leave them on their rack. It’s cute, plus it’s a lot easier to find matching pairs!


I found this box at Michaels which holds almost all of my makeup and will look great with the other little boxes.


And that’s all the girly stuff taken care of.

Until next time!