College Bound!

This is no longer a travel blog.

Maggiegoeselsewhere: elsewhere is college now. I created this with the intention of using it beyond our trip if I enjoyed blogging, and I really did enjoy it. So now it’s more of a life chronicles. I can’t tell you to expect regular updates: certainly not the daily posts you got before. Besides, who wants to read about me studying every day?

But as the title says, my life is consumed with getting ready for college. I leave bright and early Thursday morning (August 21st) for George Fox. This time last year, I didn’t even where I was going and what I was going to study. It’s been a wild year. I could fill a book with everything that’s changed… I’m thrilled to be putting high school behind me. I’m thrilled to be moving out and taking the first steps towards living completely independently.

That’s the general picture. On the more immediate note, I feel incredibly broke and a more than a little stressed about getting everything. I’ve got two (both of which went to Europe with us, actually)¬†suitcases filled with most of my clothes and a duffle bag of shoes. There’s also two cardboard boxes: one stuffed with books, textbooks (two of which haven’t arrived yet- ack!), and notebooks and the other full of decorations. I’ll show those off when I’m all moved it. With the pile of general living stuff from my Bed Bath & Beyond raid, I have a lot more than I thought I did. And I’m not done packing yet!


I thought I’d show you guys how I’m getting all my jewelry to school since I never could find any information on how girls do it.

For my necklaces, I re-used a little chocolate box from Harrods. I don’t wear a lot of necklaces, so they all fit in there very nicely!



Bobby pins went into a playing card box.


And hair-ties stayed in the glittery green box they’ve been in for years.


For my earrings, I debated finding a cute little box to put them in, but decided to just leave them on their rack. It’s cute, plus it’s a lot easier to find matching pairs!


I found this box at Michaels which holds almost all of my makeup and will look great with the other little boxes.


And that’s all the girly stuff taken care of.

Until next time!