I Lied About There Only Being One More Post

As the title says, I have something more to add before we head for home. We just got back from our final meal in Europe and the differences between our first meal and our last. We made an effort to eat traditionally in both cases.

Our first meal in Paris was exquisite. Traditional cafe on the sidewalk, fancy cooking, everyone making polite, quiet conversation while nibbling at oysters and sipping wine.

Tonight, we ate in a pub. Dark, crowded, noisy, exactly how you’d imagine it. We got fish and chips and bangers (sausage) and mash. Very stereotypically British. Everyone was drinking beer and laughing raucously, especially the 15-man, bar hopping bachelor party behind us. I even finally took advantage of being in a country where I’m old enough to drink and had a glass of hard cider.

It was just so different. There’s been some massive cultural changes over the last five weeks.